Google Sinking Private Website

Google to sink pirate websites in search ranks

SAN FRANCISCO: Google has said it is tweaking its search formula to give higher priority to legal content and sink rankings for websites hit with piracy complaints. “Starting ...

Google buys Your Chat Master Meebo !

SAN FRANCISCO: Google is buying Silicon Valley startup Meebo to help expand its social networking service. The acquisition announced will bring more tools to Google+, an alternative ...

Tablet vs Notebook: 5 things to know

The tablet is more of a consumption device, whereas a notebook is more of a creation device. What you should buy depends on what you expect to do with the device.   What you should ...
Online Banking Axiom

Beware, Online Bank Accounts Are At Risk

SAN FRANCISCO: Two of the most pervasive and dangerous types of software for stealing money from bank accounts have been improved and can now transfer money out automatically, without ...
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